Lucky Scratch’s Horse


  • Lucky Scratch Lottery card holder and scratcher
  • No More Mess, catches the paint shavings from Lottery Scratch Offs Cards
  • Just Tap It and Trash It, easy disposal
  • Light weight, fits in your car, purse or at home use, anywhere
  • Makes a Great Gift

500 in stock

SKU: 857826001168

Product Description

Lucky Scratch’s Horse, is a cleverly designed board that catches the paint shavings of scratch off Lottery tickets for easy disposal. Lucky Scratch comes with it’s own coin scratcher that can be replaced with your Lucky USA quarter. Small enough to fit in your purse or car door, glove compartment or console. Six beautiful Lucky designs to choose from. Makes a Great Gift along with your Favorite Lottery Ticket. Get Your Scratch On with Lucky Scratch.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions:

W 4.5 x D 0.5 x H 7 inches

Shipping Weight:

3 ounces


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